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"THE MEMORY STEALERS" is an indipendent film produced by [ Project Yamaken ].

Unlike many Japanese independent films, it is a Science Fiction Feature which contains a heavy amount of CGI effects.

Original Title: キヲクドロボウ
Directed by :
Kentarow Yamagishi (Script/ Producer)& Hajime Ishida (VFX / Base story)

Purpose of Production

Since late 1990's, independent film production is becoming increasingly popurar with growing penetration rate of Personal Computers and Digital Video Cameras. However, it seems like most of these films are emphasized to be literal and realistic yet faild to entertain audience. This is probably because film creators unintentionally limit themselves in the planning stage, because their budget is limited.

We tried to break that rule. In the making of "THE MEMORY STEALERS", we tried to make an "audience centered" film within a limided production time and budget.
"Plan whats entertaining. Worry about the rest later." That's how this project started.
Not surprisingly, it was a challenge to acomplish this.

In this century, just "Making a film" does not make you special. That's why we stoped limiting ourselves, and will keep on challenging to make an outstanding film.



Tokyo, near future. The world was facing a severe problem with the increasing number of patients suffering from neurodegenerative disorders such as Altzheimer's desease.

REM Corporation announces a service where people can digitize and back up their memories. It does not solve the problem right away, but brought people hope.

However, the company has a secret in the invention of the memory saving technology. Two men, Tarow and Slash sneak into the company to find what has been hidden in the memory of Dr. Leisa Gretzky, the inventor of the Human memory saving technology. But Dr. Gretzky commited a mysterious suicide 5 years ago.

The only way to discover the truth is to steal her memory that's saved at REM corp.



A professional Thief who tries to steal Leisa Gretzky's memory from REM Corporation. He is aiming for bounty on the memory.

Highly skilled, has a high physical ability, but overly confident.
正木 蒼二
Soji Masaki



He is an expert analysist on human memory.
He trys to steal Leisa Gretzky's memory, too.
A very carefull man but in terms of stealing, he is an amature.

During his process of getting close to REM Corporation, he was helped by Tarow, but refuses to work with him.
木村 有
Tamotsu Kimura


The Woman

森川 椋可
Ryoka Morikawa


Dr. Leisa Gretzky

An ex scientist of REM Corporation who invented the "Human Memory Saving Technology".

Commited a mysterious suicide 5years ago. However, her memory had been digitized and saved by REM Corporation. The company is working on her memory analysis to extract more advanced technology.

太田 美恵
Mie Ota

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